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A Fresh Idea for Your Stale Landing Page

  Your landing page is so old, Abe Lincoln thought you needed a redesign.  And if your conversion rates are as bad as that joke, then it’s time to freshen up those landing pages. Your landing page is often the … Continue reading

Customer Experience Analysis: Why Do Consumers Love the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is booming.  Have you heard of it?  Companies like Uber (which offers on-demand rides,) Airbnb (which offers on-demand residence,) and others are on the rise and drawing national attention.   Looking into the future, customer experience is the … Continue reading

Customers Like You: 2 Key Techniques for eCommerce Personalization (Without a Profile)

  Customers like you also read this blog.  And – you know what – it’s good to know that.  It’s nice to get that bit of social proof that lets you know you’re not wasting your time.  Just that little … Continue reading

Is Content Marketing the Solution for Today’s Ad-Averse Customers?

  If you’re in the publishing industry, you already know there’s trouble in the state of advertising.  But if you’re a mid-size B2B business, this customer trend affects you too.  Your buyers are ignoring advertising.  Outbound marketing is becoming tuned-out … Continue reading

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New Stewart Filmscreen Website - Powered by Dynamicweb - Receives Rave Review

Congratulations to Stewart Filmscreen for a stellar review on their new website! The review comes from, a central hub for reviews of home theater and technology. Dynamicweb is...

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Join Us at the 2015 NAVUG Summit in Reno-Tahoe!

It's our 3rd year as Gold Sponsors of the NAVUG Summit. We hope to meet you there if you're attending. Stop by our booth - No. 640.

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Dynamicweb Partner Spoon + Fork wins Web Design Award

Congratulations to our distinguished partner, Spoon + Fork, for winning one of GDUSA’s 2015 American Web Design Awards for Jay Manuel Beauty - Jay Manuel Beauty Website. We were privileged t...

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