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Do You Offer BYOP, or ”Build Your Own Products,” With Your Dynamics AX or NAV System?

  What product traits are most important to your customers?  For many manufacturers and wholesalers, “customization” may not the first thing that pops into your mind.  “Customization” is so frequently used that it means anything from printing your logo on … Continue reading

Supercharge Your e-Business with B2B Marketing Automation

  Your e-business is a racecar.  Just as a car requires gasoline to stay on the road, you need leads to keep your B2B business running.  But unlike a racecar, you don’t get to pull over to a pit stop to refuel.  … Continue reading

3 Smart Ways to Use Dynamics AX (or NAV) to Retain More Customers

  There are two things marketers and sales teams agree on: (1) Maintaining a steady flow of leads is tough work; and (2) anchovy is the worst flavor of ice cream.  We’re here to help with the first one. Because … Continue reading

B2B eCommerce Best Practices Shocker: Why Your Prices Don’t Matter

  How far would you go to buy a Porsche for 50 cents?  Would you walk down the block?  Would you take the bus out of state?  Would you spend 30 years circumnavigating the globe with 80 lbs. of sheet … Continue reading

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APRIL 13th – Is Your eCommerce Killing Your Business?

If your business isn't moving forward, it's falling behind. Spring forward with our new webinar and learn what your eCommerce solution SHOULD do for your business!

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FREE WEBINAR – eCommerce Secrets from the Big Pros that Your Company Can Use

Why do so many mid-size companies fail while mega-companies succeed with online selling? Dynamicweb shares the secret.

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New Stewart Filmscreen Website - Powered by Dynamicweb - Receives Rave Review

Congratulations to Stewart Filmscreen for a stellar review on their new website! The review comes from, a central hub for reviews of home theater and technology. Dynamicweb is...

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