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The Impulse for Ecommerce, pt. III: Harnessing Mobile Impulse Buys

Does mobile ecommerce encourage impulsive buying? The short answer is, “Yes!” Almost 1/5th of consumers believe their mobile devices increase their impulse purchases. And since we now know what impulse buying is, have identified who impulse buys most, and how … Continue reading

The Impulse for Ecommerce, pt. II: How to Increase Impulse Buying with a Better User Experience

More and more impulse purchases are made online everyday as B2B and B2C ecommerce expands. In the second part of our series, we take a closer look at ecommerce site design and its effect on impulsive buying, and we will … Continue reading

The Impulse for Ecommerce, pt. 1: What is Impulse Buying and Who Does It?

As an ecommerce merchant, a large portion of your sales probably comes from impulsive buys.  But what if you could understand what triggers impulse buying behavior, who does it and how to best facilitate getting customers to add impulse purchases … Continue reading

Lessons in eCommerce from Grammy-Nominated Pop Divas, Part V: Beyoncé

  Beyoncé branded herself as the pop artist of 2014 without the use of traditional “hype” channels for pre-release promotion (social media buzz, album teases, pre-release streaming, etc.). But it wasn’t always this way. Over the last few years, Beyoncé’s … Continue reading

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Dynamicweb Partner Awards 2014

Dynamicweb is proud to announce the winners of the Partner Awards 2014.

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Perfion and Dynamicweb combine Ecommerce and product information management for Dynamics

Perfion, leading player in the market for Product Information Management (PIM), and Dynamicweb Software, provider of an All-in-One Business Platform for online marketing and Ecommerce, are e...

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Dynamicweb enters North America

Dynamicweb takes a leap and enters the American market with its All-in-One Online Business Platform for the webshops, websites and online marketing needs for mid-sized B2B and B2C companies....

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