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The New Google Algorithm Update: Part III: The Fast & Friendliest

Mobile Quick In our previous blogs covering the latest Google update, we stressed the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. “Mobile friendliness” is how Google now assess your webpages and assigns you a ranking for their search engine. If you … Continue reading

The New Google Algorithm Update: Part II: Gain a Mobile Advantage

The Mobile Class In our previous blog, Part I of The Next Google Offensive, we detail Google’s plans and incentives for their new search algorithm update, scheduled for April 21st. The update punishes sites that are not considered “mobile-friendly” by … Continue reading

The New Google Algorithm Update: Part I: Moving to Mobile

Look Busy; Google’s Coming. E-businesses and site owners everywhere are in a panic because it’s time, once again, for an update to Google’s algorithms. And when the search giant updates, websites listen. A change in algorithms results in huge gains … Continue reading

What Modern Art Teaches Us about eBusiness: Modernism and Web 2.0

Now that the responsive mobile platforms of Web 2.0 allow us to do almost anything from anywhere, it’s hard to remember a time when this technology was not at our fingertips. In a similar way, modern art changed the way … Continue reading

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