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Why You Should Use Your Dynamics AX and NAV to Offer a True Multi-Channel Experience

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We know that when B2C and B2B marketers, IT professionals, and sales teams read our blog, each individual has their own preference for how they consume our content.  Some people prefer a large screen while others prefer to read blogs in line at Starbucks.  And the same diversity of preference is true for how customers read your content and shop for your products.

The range of preferences for both shopping and research proves why you need to offer your customers a true multi-channel experience.

The new report from eConsultancy, “Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector,” reveals that 97% of the digital marketers surveyed say that optimizing the digital journey across multiple touchpoints is “quite important” or “very important” for their marketing.  96% of respondents say the same (quite or very important) about consistency across platforms.

Those are astronomically high majorities.  So why is multi-channel consistency so important?  And how do Dynamics AX and NAV help you make it possible?

eCommerce success relies upon offering your customers a great online experience.

That’s true whether they prefer walking through your retail store, shopping at home, or shopping on their phone in between Tinder swipes – and yes, even business people use Tinder.

Wherever your customers choose to be, you want to offer them a reliable, high-quality experience.  And you want to utilize the inventory, product data, and business logic found in your existing Dynamics AX and NAV systems in order to share this information with your customers.

Customers in your online store shouldn’t be met with inaccurate “out of stock” notices when retail customers see tons of product on the shelves.  Your rich product descriptions online shouldn’t suddenly disappear when a customer chooses to browse on mobile.

Consistency matters!  This is especially true because some customers begin their research online and conclude the purchase in store.  Others begin searching for products on mobile and finish up on their desktop when they get home.

And when the product info, order history, shipping data, etc. that your customers want is all stored in your Dynamics AX or NAV system, there’s no reason not to give that to your customers for self-service!

The numbers show that your e-business competitors are out there, spending resources on making a better multi-channel experience.  Don’t give your customers an opportunity to run into their open arms.