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7 Digital Marketing Discoveries from Gartner (and 7 Lessons to Learn)

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*sniffle*  Digital marketing is all grown up.  We remember when digital marketing was taking its first steps, and now look at it!  At least we still have the baby pictures.

A new report from Gartner, “CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age”  examines the maturation of digital marketing.  This new study takes a look at the current environment for digital marketing, eCommerce, and their intersection with the physical retail space

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Are You Losing Customers Because of Your eCommerce Attitude?

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Attitude is no platitude.  Your beliefs, feelings, and disposition matter to how you run your e-business.  Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck has written a lot about how attitude is a key factor in what makes people successful.  Your attitude dictates your success in eCommerce.

If a potential customer wants an online feature that isn’t available on your website, how do you respond?  How do you react when competitors offer advanced eCommerce features that you don’t?

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CES 2016 – Product Configurators In Virtual Reality!

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CES 2016 just wrapped up, and all sorts of new gadgets and technologies were shown to the public for the first time.  One new solution caught our eye and should be of great interest to any company with a product line that features customization or a wide selection of variants.  Dynamicweb knows the importance of online self-service that makes it easy to buy, which is why Audi’s new product configurator got our attention.

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New Free Whitepaper! Why You Need More Than a Shopping Cart
3 Ways to Ensure Success When Relaunching Your Ecommerce Website



What do you do when a layer of dust has settled on your ecommerce website?  What steps do you take when conversions are down and traffic is slowing to a crawl (much like the 405 highway here in Los Angeles)?  What do you do when you want to take your sales to the stratosphere?  Your website needs a relaunch.

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