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7 Digital Marketing Discoveries from Gartner (and 7 Lessons to Learn)

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*sniffle*  Digital marketing is all grown up.  We remember when digital marketing was taking its first steps, and now look at it!  At least we still have the baby pictures.

A new report from Gartner, “CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age”  examines the maturation of digital marketing.  This new study takes a look at the current environment for digital marketing, eCommerce, and their intersection with the physical retail space

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5 Tips for Mobile Checkout Optimization



The shopping carts have been set free.  Once confined to grocery stores and dingy parking lots, shopping carts are now commonplace on the web.  Not even confined to your personal computers, eCommerce is also booming on mobile devices.  So if you run an e-business, mobile checkout optimization is the way for you to increase sales and ensure your shopping carts aren’t abandoned by the large population of mobile shoppers.

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Lessons in Ecommerce from Grammy-Nominated Pop Divas, Part I: Sia


The Grammy Awards are upon us once again. In anticipation of music’s biggest night, let’s explore the many effective marketing lessons B2B and B2C businesses can learn from the success stories of Grammy-nominated pop divas.
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Avoid Business Overexpansion: Will Glitter Bomb…bomb?



It started with a simple prank idea: send a glitter-filled envelope to someone you hate and rejoice as their clothing and furniture are coated with sparkles. Throw in a reasonably-priced service and some hilarious website copy, and you have the website shipyourenemiesglitter(dot)com, founded by Australian entrepreneur Matthew Carpenter. The site quickly went viral, attracting attention from major media outlets around the world, blowing up on social media, and even mentioned on Late Night TV. But within a week, the highly talked about online service site was up for auction on Flippa.com.

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The Pros and Cons of Native eCommerce: Abandoning the Shopping Cart Model



This year, virtual payments are predicted go through a major overhaul across all platforms and devices, from social media to mobile and wearable technology. That’s right: payments are becoming trendy, and that’s music to the ears of ecommerce sellers. With the mainstreaming of virtual wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, to the debut of buy buttons on Twitter and Facebook, ‘native commerce’ may soon become a household phrase and make the shopping cart model obsolete.

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