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Danger Ahead: How to Use Email to Increase eCommerce Sales

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Email marketing is a powerful and dangerous tool for eCommerce.  In the best case scenario, email is used to persuade, acquire, and retain eCommerce customers.  Email lets you communicate with your leads anytime, wherever they are.  Especially because your emails probably arrive in their pocket (on a mobile device.)

On the other hand, the way you handle email marketing could tarnish your brand image.  Too many emails, and you are seen as a spammy annoyance.  Irrelevant emails make your customers feel as if you don’t know or (worse) don’t care about what they actually want.

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Why Apple’s New Phone Underscores the Importance of Mobile Responsive Design



It’s that time again.  No, not setting back your clocks.  We already did that.  No, not the Winter holiday season.  You still have plenty of time for that.  *Drumroll* …   Apple just unveiled a new mobile phone!

Just like other annual rituals, Apple’s reveal of a new iPhone is an event we all have come to expect.  But this time, something’s different…  And the design of this new phone shows why mobile responsive design is more important than ever for your business.

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How Does the Apple vs FBI Case Affect Your Mobile eCommerce?



With the expansive install base of mobile devices, mobile eCommerce is now necessary to serve all of your customers as an e-business.  Responsive design, by definition, is the ability to fit your website experience to the size of any screen.  In actuality, responsive design means responding to the needs of your customers.  Unfortunately, with the rise of mobile devices, even an iPhone can be used for nefarious purposes.

That brings us to the infamous case regarding the San Bernardino terrorist shooting.  The FBI has issued a court order to Apple to unlock an iPhone in order to find out what Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the two now-deceased killers, stored on that phone.  Unfortunately (again), security measures aren’t that simple.  The way this legal battle plays out may have ramifications for mobile eCommerce.

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M-Commerce Stats and Trends: Is “Smartphone-Only” the New Cord Cutter?


Let’s shine a light on one rising trend in media – the cord cutter.  According to Pew, 1 in 7 Americans who once subscribed to cable or satellite television no longer subscribe.  They cut the cord.  Instead, these people choose to consume entertainment and news via Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, or any number of other streaming sites and services.  As the entertainment industry scrambles to win over this sizable portion of their audience, their struggle provides a strong warning to businesses that deny the importance of m-commerce.

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3 Big eCommerce Predictions for 2016

fortune tellerAnother New Year, another round of people echoing, “Can you believe it’s 2016 already?”  But regardless of what happened in 2015, this year represents a new year of opportunities and challenges for your business.  For those who crave some stability, Dynamicweb is once again here to make eCommerce predictions for the coming year.  And with these 2016 eCommerce predictions, you’ll get the jump on your competition:

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