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7 Digital Marketing Discoveries from Gartner (and 7 Lessons to Learn)

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*sniffle*  Digital marketing is all grown up.  We remember when digital marketing was taking its first steps, and now look at it!  At least we still have the baby pictures.

A new report from Gartner, “CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age”  examines the maturation of digital marketing.  This new study takes a look at the current environment for digital marketing, eCommerce, and their intersection with the physical retail space

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Don’t Be a SERP Serf. Be a King or Queen with eCommerce SEO.

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If you need a primer on Feudalism, we don’t blame you.  You probably haven’t studied the social systems of medieval Europe since that one time you got lost on Wikipedia for the entire month of August.

Of course, we’re not talking about how you feud with your eCommerce competition… but the division of kings and peasants actually has a strong analogy in modern e-business.

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More Money, Less Problems: Top Three Online Marketing Tactics for ROI

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For more money and less problems, efficiency is the name of the game.  But do you know which online marketing tactics give you the most dynamite for your dollar?  Whether you start a new budget on a new year, a fiscal year, or a quarterly review, ROI matters.

When you plan out your budget, it’s good to know which top three online marketing methods give the best return on investment.  And the answers might surprise you:

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

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Don’t Find the Money. Let the Money Find You. (With These 3 eCommerce and SEO Tips)

metal detector


You know those flimsy metal detectors that people bring to the beach?  With big floppy hats and some sunscreen on their noses, people trek to the sandy shores to find lost jewelry, buried treasure, or pirate’s booty washed ashore.  But do you know why that doesn’t work?  And why eCommerce with SEO does?

Metal detectors are like the old way of marketing – a blind search for someone who might show interest in your products.  Like sifting through grains of sand on the beach.  And despite all the people who own metal detectors, there’s a reason SEO and eCommerce are much more efficient ways to make sales and bring in the dollars.

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Dynamicweb Best of the Year: For the Holiday Rush, eCommerce Site Speed Matters


* Thankfully, 2015 was another big year for e-business. This Thanksgiving week, we’re looking back at the best blog posts of 2015 in our Dynamicweb Year in Review.

‘Tis another holiday season in the 21st Century, and what does that mean? Hundreds and thousands of Santa Clauses and desperate parents are picking up their tablets and laptops and looking to fill their shopping carts with e-commerce goodies. And one way for you to raise those holiday conversion rates is to lower your loading times.

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