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Danger Ahead: How to Use Email to Increase eCommerce Sales

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Email marketing is a powerful and dangerous tool for eCommerce.  In the best case scenario, email is used to persuade, acquire, and retain eCommerce customers.  Email lets you communicate with your leads anytime, wherever they are.  Especially because your emails probably arrive in their pocket (on a mobile device.)

On the other hand, the way you handle email marketing could tarnish your brand image.  Too many emails, and you are seen as a spammy annoyance.  Irrelevant emails make your customers feel as if you don’t know or (worse) don’t care about what they actually want.

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More Money, Less Problems: Top Three Online Marketing Tactics for ROI

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For more money and less problems, efficiency is the name of the game.  But do you know which online marketing tactics give you the most dynamite for your dollar?  Whether you start a new budget on a new year, a fiscal year, or a quarterly review, ROI matters.

When you plan out your budget, it’s good to know which top three online marketing methods give the best return on investment.  And the answers might surprise you:

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

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Why Your Customers Abandon Your Shopping Carts and the Trick You Should Use to Get Them Back

sad cart


There’s a sad reality to online shopping.  Picture, for a moment, a shopping cart, all alone, as a tear slowly falls from its Buy Now button.

More than two-thirds of all shopping carts are left without a home, a family, or a future.  It’s tragic, really.  According to the Baymard Institute, the average abandoned shopping cart rate is 68.55%!

But why?  Why do potential customers become lost customers?  What is it about prospective online purchases that makes people run?  And why don’t they do this in the grocery aisle?

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Hate Monday? Use This Unexpected Trick to Win With B2B Email Marketing



Do you hate Monday?  Do you feel in your gut the sudden shift from pure hedonistic freedom back to the workplace grind?  It’s a tough transition, but you’re not alone.  The Journal of Positive Psychology confirms that US residents universally have a better mood on weekends, and this is a fact you should use to gain more conversions from your B2B email marketing.

It’s actually a weird paradox in US culture.  We dread the arrival of Monday, but we don’t stop working on the weekend.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35% of Americans work on weekends.  And that means that B2B buyers shop and read email marketing on the weekend.

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Better ROI – Digital Marketing or Offline Marketing?

piggy bank ROI


Digital marketing or offline marketing.  You probably have a personal favorite.  Maybe you like to get the warm feeling of pamphlets in your physical mailbox.  Or maybe that just reminds you of all the bills stacked on your table.  Or maybe you simply prefer the ability to choose your own marketing as you search for product content on Google.

When it comes to your business, however, we know that personal feelings don’t always determine success.  When you plot your marketing strategy, you want to rely on the data, the facts, the hard numbers.  “Give it to me straight,” you would say, if you were in a 1940’s gangster pic.  The important question is: Which gives you better Return on Investment?  Digital marketing or offline marketing?

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