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The Secret Sauce to Successful B2B Online Selling with Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV

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Don’t tell anyone, but we’re about to tell you something that many of your competitor’s already know.  Your Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV solutions are extremely powerful tools for online selling.  They store lots of valuable data including your product inventory, business logic, customer-specific pricing, and more.

But if you simply sit on your AX or NAV without heating up its full potential for online sales, you cede a potential advantage to your competition.  And then it’ll be your competition that is sitting down.  On yachts.  Drinking champagne.

Here are some quick facts about online selling from MarketingProfs:

  • 68% of B2B buyers now buy products online
  • 94% of B2B buyers do research online before they make a purchase
  • 83% of buyers use the vendor’s own website (!)
  • 77% use Google to find the information they want

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Digital Transformation – What Does Your eCommerce Customer Want?

maze labyrinth customer experience


This week, we are dedicated to digital transformation, which is the optimization of the entire customer experience across every touchpoint.  Our previous blog post discusses the myriad benefits, including more leads, more conversions, more traffic, more customer satisfaction, and more.

To optimize the entire customer experience, end-to-end, you need to first answer the question:  What do your eCommerce customers want? 

  • Accurate and up-to-date information
  • The ability to search your site with whatever device they choose (smartphone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Consistency in a high-quality customer experience

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These eCommerce Stats Reveal Why You Need Digital Transformation

shark eCommerce digital transformation


“A relationship, I think, is like a shark,” Woody Allen says in his classic film Annie Hall.  “It has to constantly move forward or it dies.”  Your eCommerce business is the same.  It must continue to move forward to survive.

Forward momentum is critical for e-business success, especially when your competition is waiting to eat you alive like Jaws.  That’s why we are going to take the next three blog posts to analyze, in-depth, a study by The Altimeter Group on the necessity of digital transformation.

This blog series will help you understand:

  • what digital transformation is,
  • why you need it,
  • which obstacles stand in your way,
  • and how you achieve this goal for more prosperous and profitable eCommerce.

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How to Build Great eCommerce With Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV

Money Puzzle eCommerce


In e-business, is it possible to have everything and nothing?  If you’ve got product info, inventory data, customer-specific pricing, business logic, and tons more in your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV system, then it might seem like you have everything.  But with no online sales, you’re forfeiting customer after customer to your technologically-savvy competitors.

With all this data, your business might have the resources customers want, but you still need a way to deliver it to them if you want to earn their sales.

So don’t just let this useful data sit in your ERP.  Learn how to build great eCommerce with your Dynamics AX or NAV, and get started with integrated eCommerce today!  (Maybe after you finish reading this post.)

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Are You Losing Customers Because of Your eCommerce Attitude?

grumpy dog


Attitude is no platitude.  Your beliefs, feelings, and disposition matter to how you run your e-business.  Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck has written a lot about how attitude is a key factor in what makes people successful.  Your attitude dictates your success in eCommerce.

If a potential customer wants an online feature that isn’t available on your website, how do you respond?  How do you react when competitors offer advanced eCommerce features that you don’t?

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