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Digital Transformation – Helpful Stats to Help You Conquer Your eCommerce Challenges

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This week, we have been analyzing the comprehensive report from The Altimeter Group about how companies use digital transformation to revolutionize their customer experience.  This digital transformation results in more leads, more sales, more conversions, more traffic, and more sunshine and rainbows. 

In the first post of this series, we identify digital transformation as a complete effort, from technology to brand-new business objectives, to improve the customer experience.  In our second post, we discuss what your online and eCommerce customers want from you.

In this final post on digital transformation, we will identify how to overcome the key challenges that prevent businesses from totally optimizing their customer experience and reaping the benefits.

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Digital Transformation – What Does Your eCommerce Customer Want?

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This week, we are dedicated to digital transformation, which is the optimization of the entire customer experience across every touchpoint.  Our previous blog post discusses the myriad benefits, including more leads, more conversions, more traffic, more customer satisfaction, and more.

To optimize the entire customer experience, end-to-end, you need to first answer the question:  What do your eCommerce customers want? 

  • Accurate and up-to-date information
  • The ability to search your site with whatever device they choose (smartphone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Consistency in a high-quality customer experience

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3 Smart Ways to Use Dynamics AX (or NAV) to Retain More Customers

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There are two things marketers and sales teams agree on: (1) Maintaining a steady flow of leads is tough work; and (2) anchovy is the worst flavor of ice cream.  We’re here to help with the first one.

Because lead generation and customer acquisition are so difficult, customer retention is an important aspect of a smart eCommerce strategy.  And how you use your existing Dynamics AX (or NAV) and your CRM for customer retention has a big impact on your profits.

Why is profitability linked to customer retention?  Because retaining a customer is actually cheaper than acquiring a whole new one.  (Thanks, Harvard Business School.)

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B2B eCommerce Best Practices Shocker: Why Your Prices Don’t Matter

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How far would you go to buy a Porsche for 50 cents?  Would you walk down the block?  Would you take the bus out of state?  Would you spend 30 years circumnavigating the globe with 80 lbs. of sheet metal strapped to your back and handcuffed to a giant cassowary?

(Editor’s Note: A cassowary is a quite ferocious and quite still-alive dinosaur bird.)

Cassowary wide

“Want to save a few bucks?”

Your answer tells us a lot about what’s really important when implementing B2B eCommerce best practices.

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5 Quick Tips to Sell More with B2B eCommerce and Dynamics AX or NAV

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B2B sales often have longer cycles than B2C.  Despite this, B2B sales teams, B2B marketing teams, and their loyal IT teams move at a breakneck pace.  We understand that, so let’s not even waste your time with an intro.

Here are 5 quick tips to sell more with B2B eCommerce and Dynamics AX or NAV.

  1. Have a Plan. Before you take a look at the tactics to increase your conversions, create a B2B eCommerce strategy. Know your target segments.  Know who your customers are, and know which customers buy which products.

As the wise Sun Tzu once said, “eCommerce is a river.”  We’re not sure what that means, but a documented digital strategy is a big help towards raising your conversion rates.

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