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What You Ignore When You Talk About Optimizing Your Customer Experience

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If you talk about optimizing your customer experience, you’re already a step ahead.  With options that span from online self-service to mobile devices to social media to email to in-store experiences, it’s a daunting task to optimize each touchpoint for your prospects and customers.  Especially when each touchpoint is expected to recognize and identify the preferences and histories of each consumer for a seamlessly consistent experience.

The optimization of each touchpoint presents a very real opportunity for more leads and more sales.  Customer experience optimization is a true competitive advantage.  But the key to successful optimization often gets overlooked…

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3 Smart Ways to Use Dynamics AX (or NAV) to Retain More Customers

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There are two things marketers and sales teams agree on: (1) Maintaining a steady flow of leads is tough work; and (2) anchovy is the worst flavor of ice cream.  We’re here to help with the first one.

Because lead generation and customer acquisition are so difficult, customer retention is an important aspect of a smart eCommerce strategy.  And how you use your existing Dynamics AX (or NAV) and your CRM for customer retention has a big impact on your profits.

Why is profitability linked to customer retention?  Because retaining a customer is actually cheaper than acquiring a whole new one.  (Thanks, Harvard Business School.)

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Win Back Your Customers’ Hearts with More Email Marketing

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In our previous post, we celebrated Valentine’s Day by showing how email marketing gives you a personal connection to your customers.  Our post detailed why personalized emails are an important part of building a relationship with your customer.  Some customers, however, visited your site but haven’t returned in a long while.  Email marketing helps you win back their hearts.

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Love Your Customers with Email Marketing on Valentine’s Day

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No poet ever wrote a romantic masterpiece on receiving a Facebook post.  But they did write about the mail.  Despite its “social” moniker, social media is not the best way to appeal to someone directly.  For a more personal and personalized experience, people turn to mail.  Or as your business calls it, email marketing.

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Dynamicweb Best of the Year: Two Vital Customer Experience Stats


* Thankfully, 2015 was another big year for e-business. This Thanksgiving week, we’re looking back at the best blog posts of 2015 in our Dynamicweb Year in Review.

A long, long time ago, customers would walk their donkey into town and shop at the local bazaar.  Needless to say, in this consumer culture, the customer didn’t have much choice of either products or vendors.  Even their donkeys were powerless to help.  In the ferocious competition between e-businesses, however, the customer has tons of options, all available at the click of a button.  The power has shifted from the seller to the buyer, and the main differentiating factor is now the customer experience.

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