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The Eyes Are the Windows to the Sale: Online Video B2B Marketing

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Humans are visual creatures.  That’s why we have two eyes and only one…  um…  nose.  (Okay, we have two nostrils.)  Anyway, what we see has a huge impact on what we buy, which makes video an effective tool to add to your kit of B2B online marketing.

According to the “B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report” from Software Advice, videos are the most-used type of content among the 200 B2B marketing professionals surveyed.  92% of respondents use videos in their B2B online marketing.  But everyone with two eyes and two nostrils knows that usage percentages aren’t everything.  Video was also most-commonly cited as producing a very high amount of leads.

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Don’t Be a SERP Serf. Be a King or Queen with eCommerce SEO.

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If you need a primer on Feudalism, we don’t blame you.  You probably haven’t studied the social systems of medieval Europe since that one time you got lost on Wikipedia for the entire month of August.

Of course, we’re not talking about how you feud with your eCommerce competition… but the division of kings and peasants actually has a strong analogy in modern e-business.

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Do Your e-Business Customers Have “Tells” that Make It Easier to Sell?



Have you heard the expression, “You have to play with the cards you’re dealt”?  In poker, as in e-business, there’s a bit of luck to the game.  But think beyond the aces and spades.  There are other players besides yourself at the table.

Top poker players learn to read their opponents.  That’s how they know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.  When a poker champion sees a “tell,” or some indication of the type of hand his opponent, they know whether the opponent has a Royal Flush or just a bluff.  This is one way top poker players stay consistent winners in a game of luck.

If you want to stay consistent in the world of eCommerce, you don’t want to rely on luck either.  For your e-business to raise conversion rates and engage more customers, one of your first objectives should be to deliver more relevant products and content to its prospects and customers.  The more relevant these recommendations are, the better chance of a transaction.

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Don’t Find the Money. Let the Money Find You. (With These 3 eCommerce and SEO Tips)

metal detector


You know those flimsy metal detectors that people bring to the beach?  With big floppy hats and some sunscreen on their noses, people trek to the sandy shores to find lost jewelry, buried treasure, or pirate’s booty washed ashore.  But do you know why that doesn’t work?  And why eCommerce with SEO does?

Metal detectors are like the old way of marketing – a blind search for someone who might show interest in your products.  Like sifting through grains of sand on the beach.  And despite all the people who own metal detectors, there’s a reason SEO and eCommerce are much more efficient ways to make sales and bring in the dollars.

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Oscars and eCommerce – “Inside Out” Proves the Value of Emotion in B2B Content Marketing


The extremely popular and critically-acclaimed Inside Out has gotten nominated for a Best Animated Picture Oscar.  It also has valuable lessons for your e-business, which is why we’re reprising this post from our Summer Movies blog series.

Inside Out features five emotions (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust) that exist, personified, inside a girl’s mind as she grows into adolescence.  Despite the power of these emotions, many marketers completely neglect a prospects’ feelings in their B2B content marketing.  And the inability to connect on an emotional level turns away potential customers as a result.

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