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Do You Offer BYOP, or ”Build Your Own Products,” With Your Dynamics AX or NAV System?

Build Your Own Products Configurator B2B


What product traits are most important to your customers?  For many manufacturers and wholesalers, “customization” may not the first thing that pops into your mind.  “Customization” is so frequently used that it means anything from printing your logo on a t-shirt to mass customization in manufacturing.

But for customers who have specific needs, they need a specific solution.  To bring customization to your customers, you want to give them the ability to “BYOP,” or “Build Your Own Products.”  And you’ve already got the data to make this possible – it’s in your Dynamics AX or NAV system!

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CES 2016 – Product Configurators In Virtual Reality!

virtual reality


CES 2016 just wrapped up, and all sorts of new gadgets and technologies were shown to the public for the first time.  One new solution caught our eye and should be of great interest to any company with a product line that features customization or a wide selection of variants.  Dynamicweb knows the importance of online self-service that makes it easy to buy, which is why Audi’s new product configurator got our attention.

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Is Ted Cruz the Digital Gamification Candidate?

Cruz With Phone

CANDIDATES AND ECOMMERCE – Ted Cruz plays games.  We don’t mean that as a cynical indictment of the presidential candidate or politics in general.  He literally plays games – Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Plants vs Zombies, and more.  Now that our culture has reached a point where even our presidential candidates are coming out as gamers, it’s time to discuss digital gamification and the benefits it has for your business.

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Lessons in eCommerce from Grammy-Nominated Pop Divas, Part IV: Lorde

photo source: http://www.windishagency.com/artists/lorde







The Grammy Awards are upon us once again. In anticipation of music’s biggest night, let’s explore the many effective marketing lessons B2B and B2C businesses can learn from the success stories of Grammy-nominated pop divas.

Anti-pop pop star Lorde is undoubtedly the biggest breakout star in music over the last two years. The New Zealand artist’s song “Royals” reached #1 across the charts and her album “Pure Heroine” went platinum in several countries, an unprecedented feat for a female pop artist whose music and look defies all stereotypes and expectations for the genre. So what can we learn about e-business from Lorde’s ascent to pop royalty?

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Mythbusting: Why e-Commerce is Great for B2B


Can a sword cut through a steel bar? Can a motorcycle jump the Delaware River? These are the types of questions you might see on TV myth-busting shows. For us, the real question is why some B2B companies are still holding out on e-commerce.

Let’s bust some myths.

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