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The Eyes Are the Windows to the Sale: Online Video B2B Marketing

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Humans are visual creatures.  That’s why we have two eyes and only one…  um…  nose.  (Okay, we have two nostrils.)  Anyway, what we see has a huge impact on what we buy, which makes video an effective tool to add to your kit of B2B online marketing.

According to the “B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report” from Software Advice, videos are the most-used type of content among the 200 B2B marketing professionals surveyed.  92% of respondents use videos in their B2B online marketing.  But everyone with two eyes and two nostrils knows that usage percentages aren’t everything.  Video was also most-commonly cited as producing a very high amount of leads.

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Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Thought Leadership

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Companies that solely deal a lot in trade shows, in-person demos, and face-to-face meetings often find it difficult to expand the reach of their brand.  These physical interactions are valuable and may even lead to a profitable business, but most companies don’t simply achieve profitability and promptly give up their aspirations for further growth.  We want more!  We want to reach more and more potential customers, and one way to do this is through thought leadership.

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3 Ways to Ensure Success When Relaunching Your Ecommerce Website



What do you do when a layer of dust has settled on your ecommerce website?  What steps do you take when conversions are down and traffic is slowing to a crawl (much like the 405 highway here in Los Angeles)?  What do you do when you want to take your sales to the stratosphere?  Your website needs a relaunch.

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Our Top 10 Lead Generation Ideas

Lead Generation


What do you want?  Leads!  When do you want them?  Now!  The best lead generation ideas are designed to attain contact information and permission from your prospect for you to reach out.  In short: To get the email, gate the content.  That’s the philosophy we covered in our previous blog post.

Blogs, infographics, and fun memes are all content that engages your website visitor, and they’re useful when given away for free. For higher-value content (that takes higher effort from you), you want to get something in return.  What content do you put behind the lead form, though?  What types of content entice prospects to hand over their precious email address?

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How Presidential Candidates Use the Web – Lesson 1: Build Your Brand



It’s August 2015, which means one thing in American politics and media: We’re in the thick of a presidential election over a year away!  For some citizens, all this electioneering hoopla is a bore.  For others, it’s their favorite reality show on cable news.  For presidential candidates, the early campaign is an opportunity to establish their brand.

This post is the first in Dynamicweb’s new blog series on what e-businesses should learn from how US presidential candidates use the web.

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