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7 Digital Marketing Discoveries from Gartner (and 7 Lessons to Learn)

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*sniffle*  Digital marketing is all grown up.  We remember when digital marketing was taking its first steps, and now look at it!  At least we still have the baby pictures.

A new report from Gartner, “CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age”  examines the maturation of digital marketing.  This new study takes a look at the current environment for digital marketing, eCommerce, and their intersection with the physical retail space

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Top 3 Tech Trends for SMBs in 2016

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If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you always want to stay several steps ahead of the competition.  Every step counts, which is why it’s so important to keep up with the most recent trends.

Our friends at ArcherPoint have a great new blog post with the top three tech trends for SMBs in 2016.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top trends that give you the competitive edge:

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These eCommerce Stats Reveal Why You Need Digital Transformation

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“A relationship, I think, is like a shark,” Woody Allen says in his classic film Annie Hall.  “It has to constantly move forward or it dies.”  Your eCommerce business is the same.  It must continue to move forward to survive.

Forward momentum is critical for e-business success, especially when your competition is waiting to eat you alive like Jaws.  That’s why we are going to take the next three blog posts to analyze, in-depth, a study by The Altimeter Group on the necessity of digital transformation.

This blog series will help you understand:

  • what digital transformation is,
  • why you need it,
  • which obstacles stand in your way,
  • and how you achieve this goal for more prosperous and profitable eCommerce.

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B2B eCommerce Best Practices Shocker: Why Your Prices Don’t Matter

Cassowary CU customer experience


How far would you go to buy a Porsche for 50 cents?  Would you walk down the block?  Would you take the bus out of state?  Would you spend 30 years circumnavigating the globe with 80 lbs. of sheet metal strapped to your back and handcuffed to a giant cassowary?

(Editor’s Note: A cassowary is a quite ferocious and quite still-alive dinosaur bird.)

Cassowary wide

“Want to save a few bucks?”

Your answer tells us a lot about what’s really important when implementing B2B eCommerce best practices.

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Is Your Solution Ready? – Top Challenges & Great Tactics for B2B Lead Generation



What’s on your checklist for today?  Buy a new toothbrush, pick up the kids from kickball, pay the bills?  These are all admirable goals, but you can’t pay the bills without leads.  And, honestly, what would the kids say if you showed up without leads?  That’s why B2B marketers have their own priorities, and at the top of their list is B2B lead generation.

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