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Are your Customers on the Bleeding Edge of E-commerce?

Part 1 – Targeted Email Marketing

When we think of email marketing, we might turn our thoughts to brands that have “figured it out” like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Those great, cloud-based solutions, have also figured out how to charge next to nothing too.

Despite, ease of use and inexpensive to own, there is an expensive, missing component to those solutions, and it is most relevant in an integrated e-commerce environment. That would be automatic targeting, using rules.

Both MailChimp and Constant Contact allow you to create segments based on very basic conditions that are captured in an email list.

Without an active, integration, the list of contacts is automatically stale and disconnected from e-commerce activity. This would be sales and purchase orders that are exclusively kept within an ERP like NAV or AX. To dig out that information requires the assistance of your ERP analyst.

Another missing component, not due to lack of an integration, but due to lack of technology within your ecommerce solution, is the ability to identify users based on their website journey and email touch points. When you have access to what your customers did on the website, that the ERP has no clue or doesn’t need to keep track of, now you have the ability to deeply segment the list based on two different yet essentials streams of data.

Since your ecommerce site is constantly transacting and gathering customer journey intelligence, having that automatically feeding your targeting system not only saves time, but offers you the best of both worlds in delivering very specific content based on those behaviors.

Dynamicweb’s All-In-One Business Ecommerce Platform offers marketers that level of insight into customer behavior and transactions. The person setting this up not only doesn’t need to be a programmer, but they also don’t need to be best friends with the ERP analyst either, since both streams of data are available at their fingertips.

In the example above, two very different types of data are being combined to identify a unique customer. Regardless of the message tailored for this kind of customer, the fact that identifying them is possible is powerful, and not something that those inexpensive products can offer.

Plus, once this User Smart Search has been created, it lives on in perpetuity. For example, if today the system identifies exactly 26 customers who have both purchased X and viewed Y, and then tomorrow or four weeks later, another 10 customers additionally qualify, the list will grow on its own. This way, any email campaigns that are utilizing this list of customers, will simply be emailing to more qualifying customers.

Automatic, targeted email is a big deal for sure, but the inclusion of data that is both ERP specific and covers the customer journey, that’s a priceless, competitive advantage. That’s built into Dynamicweb.