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Win Back Your Customers’ Hearts with More Email Marketing

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In our previous post, we celebrated Valentine’s Day by showing how email marketing gives you a personal connection to your customers.  Our post detailed why personalized emails are an important part of building a relationship with your customer.  Some customers, however, visited your site but haven’t returned in a long while.  Email marketing helps you win back their hearts.

At present, you are estranged from those customers, and estranged love is a tortured subject for Valentine’s Day.  Fortunately, you don’t have to endlessly fret like an e-business adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.  A happy ending is possible for you and your customers when you integrate email marketing with your eCommerce webshop.

Let’s look at two situations where customers have previously shown interest in you but you gradually drifted apart.

Situation #1 – Shopping Cart Abandonment

A heart-breaking truth of eCommerce is the prevalence of shopping cart abandonment.  Website visitors, wide-eyed and eager to purchase, fill up their shopping carts, but when it comes time to make a commitment, they leave their carts at the altar.  The reasons for abandoned carts are diverse, but email marketing helps to get back those customers.

With an integrated eCommerce and online marketing solution, you are able to email customers and remind them of the items they left in their cart.  Online shoppers do get distracted.  They fill up a cart, go check their email, surf Facebook, and then go make dinner.

Sometimes, a simple email reminder is all it takes to get them to reactivate the abandoned cart.  If that doesn’t work, a follow up email with a special offer or discount makes for an especially alluring proposal.  And if a potential customer abandoned their cart because they found out an item was out of stock, you want to send them an email as soon as that item is back in stock.

Situation #2 – The Lapsed Customer

In this situation, you and your customer had something beautiful once, but it’s been a long time.  If you have some new products that person might be interested in, go ahead and reach out to that former customer with some personalized email marketingLet your customers know you’ve been thinking about them and that you want to see them again.

With the CRM integration we discussed in our last blog post, you already have a relationship with this customer.  You know their desires and needs.  Personalize the type of products or content you send them to their liking.  And because everyone loves gifts, discounts and special offers are welcome in this situation as well!

Email marketing lets you show your customers some love.  If you haven’t seen them in a while, for whatever reason, go ahead and reach out.  Email might just be the spark that reignites the flame.

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Love Your Customers with Email Marketing on Valentine’s Day

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No poet ever wrote a romantic masterpiece on receiving a Facebook post.  But they did write about the mail.  Despite its “social” moniker, social media is not the best way to appeal to someone directly.  For a more personal and personalized experience, people turn to mail.  Or as your business calls it, email marketing.

Mail is romanticized precisely because of the personal connection.  There’s a special Valentine’s Day feeling of butterflies when you open a message from your beloved.  But even in business, this personal connection lets your customers know that you recognize them as individuals with unique interests and needs.  Email marketing that specifically targets a customer’s pain points has a greater chance of engagement and potential conversion compared to a generic email blast.

The success of personalization in email marketing boils down to one question: Is your email relevant to your customer?  If the answer is “Nope,” then your customer is likely to banish your email marketing to the junk mail folder or, worse, mark you as a sender of spam.

Only fools fall in love, but customers won’t be fooled.  Simply “personalizing” a generic email by including their name at the top won’t suddenly make customers more interested in an irrelevant offer.  For better open rates, increased engagement, and more conversions, the modern customer demands a higher level of personalization.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, personalization means building a relationship with your customer.  That means knowing what they like, what they love, and what they don’t have any interest in.  To enhance your relationships, you want to consult your mother, your pharmacist, and your Customer Relationship Management solution.  Your CRM is where you store all your customer’s info (ex. their order history, past communications with your company, demographics, psychographics, etc.), and this information is critical to giving your customers the online experience they expect.

Maintaining a relationship is hard work, of course, so to be successful with your email marketing, you want to let automation do the heavy lifting.  (If only romantic relationships were this easy!)  First, you want to take your CRM and your online marketing solution out to dinner and introduce them to each other.  Then you want to have them integrate.

Integration between these systems is what enables the sharing of customer information and the automation necessary to offer personalization to all of your email marketing recipients.  All the info gleaned from past customer interactions helps you segment these customers and automate which content and product offerings are most relevant for each person.

Although it’s Valentine’s Day, you don’t need a quill and parchment to build relationships.  You just need email with little help from CRM and an integrated online marketing solution.  Email marketing is how customers receive content and offers from your business.  And personalization is how they know you’re paying attention to their needs.

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WEBINAR – eCommerce Secrets from the Big Pros that Your Company Can Use

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What if you could give your web visitors and customers a clean, customized, and comprehensive, user experience just like the jumbos do it? HINT: It takes more than a shopping cart.

WEBINAR on Wednesday, February 17th 2016 | 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT!

The truth about online selling is that many mid-size companies fail while mega-companies rake in the profits.  These mega-companies don’t always offer the better product or service, but they do understand the importance of a high-powered customer experience.

Our free webinar will show how your company can offer the same great customer experience as the heavy hitters with a solution that is within your means.  In only 45 minutes, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Deliver up-to-date, accurate, optimized, and personalized product content
  • Predict what your customer is searching for and show it to them
  • Lay out your products in a way that’s easy for any customer to find exactly what they need

And more.

Online buyers have high expectations, and they don’t have to travel to reach your competition.

So, join us to learn how to deliver a great customer experience and succeed with online selling.

The event is free, but registration is required, so just click the link below!


And follow the conversation on social media with #DWNALive.

A Fresh Idea for Your Stale Landing Page

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Your landing page is so old, Abe Lincoln thought you needed a redesign.  And if your conversion rates are as bad as that joke, then it’s time to freshen up those landing pages.

Your landing page is often the first touchpoint for your online visitors.  It’s the first time your potential customer sits at their desk (or tablet or wherever) and interacts with your website, so you don’t want their first impression to be an antebellum landing page that no longer converts.  Old, crusty, irrelevant landing pages result in a loss of conversions.

One idea to freshen up your landing page is to embrace online video as a powerful marketing tool.  From YouTube to Vimeo to Vine to auto-play Facebook Video, netizens spend thousands upon thousands of hours watching video.  Not to mention time spent online watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. etc. etc.  You probably paused a video of a cute kitten playing the accordion just to read this blog.

The message is simple: Online video engages customers.

In a study by ReelSEO, 82% of marketers confirmed that online video benefitted their campaigns.  And video works for any type of business, B2C or B2B.  When a new prospect arrives to your landing page, their first question is, “How will you solve my problem?”  Video gives you the opportunity to not only show off your solutions, but also to show the benefits of those solutions for your customers.

Video lets you get in-depth, which is great for companies with complex products with features or specifications that take more time to explain.  Some products just need a little extra TLC to sell, and video gives you that opportunity.  This is especially helpful for increasing B2B conversions!

Another challenge when creating landing pages is that you want to immediately gain the trust of your prospect.  Your landing page is a first impression, and most people don’t instantly trust someone they just met.  It’s a dangerous world out there.  If you put a testimonial video on your landing page, however, you offer direct social proof of your company’s honesty and success.  Testimonial videos tell customers, “Hey!  We’re just like you, and we were satisfied with this solution!”

Trust also builds with familiarity, and the additional time spent on your video allows your potential customer to become more familiar and more comfortable with you and your brand.  Video landing pages give you the opportunity to tell the story of who you are and what you will do for the customer.  Coupled with a solution that delivers personalized landing pages to your prospects, videos are a powerful tool to increase conversions and freshen up your old landing pages.

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Customer Experience Analysis: Why Do Consumers Love the Gig Economy?


The gig economy is booming.  Have you heard of it?  Companies like Uber (which offers on-demand rides,) Airbnb (which offers on-demand residence,) and others are on the rise and drawing national attention.   Looking into the future, customer experience is the differentiating feature between competing brands, especially on the web.  So to benefit your business, let’s examine why customers are going gaga over gigs.

We know why companies and gig-seekers like these services.  For the gig economy workers, businesses like Uber let them seek work on their own time and pick up gigs that often supplement their regular jobs.  For companies, there’s a lot of money to be made with on-demand services, especially if there’s little overhead.  But this begs the question: What’s in it for the customers?  Why do modern consumers flock to the customer experience of the gig economy?

The answer is found in the frequently-used description for gigs: “on-demand.”  Customers today have high demands and expectations.  When a customer wants a ride, they want it then and there.  When a customer wants a place to stay, they want to book it ASAP.  A customer experience with a plethora of on-demand options at your fingertips is the logical result of an economy shaped by the web.

When customers search online for products and services, they expect to quickly find exactly what they want.  Immediacy is important, and customers are very aware of their power to simply visit another vendor with the click of a mouse.  Companies that provide gigs cater to the immediate and individual needs of customers.  That’s a powerful lesson for any business, B2C or B2B, that wants to excel and compete on the web.

For example, let’s take a look at Airbnb’s website to see what they offer their potential online customers:

  • Huge, Gorgeous Pictures
  • Online Reviews
  • Clear Pricing
  • A Map with the Exact Location of the Property
  • Customizable Wishlists

The evocative images allow customers to imagine themselves staying in these nice places.  The online reviews provide social proof of a positive experience.  The pricing and maps give further product/service information that matters.  And the customizable wishlists provide a personalized customer experience that encourages return visits to the site.  For what they offer, Airbnb’s website addresses their customers quite well.

For existing e-businesses and those looking to venture into the world of online selling, it’s important to understand the importance of satisfying customer demands.  Sites like those found in the gig economy have fed high expectations for a great customer experience, and it’s up to you to meet them.

Click here to read our free whitepaper on why eCommerce success is driven by customer experience.

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