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Do You Offer BYOP, or ”Build Your Own Products,” With Your Dynamics AX or NAV System?

Build Your Own Products Configurator B2B


What product traits are most important to your customers?  For many manufacturers and wholesalers, “customization” may not the first thing that pops into your mind.  “Customization” is so frequently used that it means anything from printing your logo on a t-shirt to mass customization in manufacturing.

But for customers who have specific needs, they need a specific solution.  To bring customization to your customers, you want to give them the ability to “BYOP,” or “Build Your Own Products.”  And you’ve already got the data to make this possible – it’s in your Dynamics AX or NAV system!

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Supercharge Your e-Business with B2B Marketing Automation

race car competition B2B


Your e-business is a racecar.  Just as a car requires gasoline to stay on the road, you need leads to keep your B2B business running.  But unlike a racecar, you don’t get to pull over to a pit stop to refuel.  You have to drive your company as you continue to generate leads to keep your business moving forward.

Leads are the fuel to your business.  If you want to stay on the road, you have to keep the leads coming.  That’s why it came as no surprise to us when a new study by Regalix revealed the top priorities of online marketers.

For B2B marketing automation, the top three objectives are:

  • Improve lead nurturing (82%)
  • Improve lead quality (76%)
  • Increase lead generation (74%)

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3 Smart Ways to Use Dynamics AX (or NAV) to Retain More Customers

brain smart marketing strategy


There are two things marketers and sales teams agree on: (1) Maintaining a steady flow of leads is tough work; and (2) anchovy is the worst flavor of ice cream.  We’re here to help with the first one.

Because lead generation and customer acquisition are so difficult, customer retention is an important aspect of a smart eCommerce strategy.  And how you use your existing Dynamics AX (or NAV) and your CRM for customer retention has a big impact on your profits.

Why is profitability linked to customer retention?  Because retaining a customer is actually cheaper than acquiring a whole new one.  (Thanks, Harvard Business School.)

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B2B eCommerce Best Practices Shocker: Why Your Prices Don’t Matter

Cassowary CU customer experience


How far would you go to buy a Porsche for 50 cents?  Would you walk down the block?  Would you take the bus out of state?  Would you spend 30 years circumnavigating the globe with 80 lbs. of sheet metal strapped to your back and handcuffed to a giant cassowary?

(Editor’s Note: A cassowary is a quite ferocious and quite still-alive dinosaur bird.)

Cassowary wide

“Want to save a few bucks?”

Your answer tells us a lot about what’s really important when implementing B2B eCommerce best practices.

Many e-businesses believe that the most important aspect of B2B eCommerce best practices is lowering the end price of products and services.  It’s sound logic.  Customers like to save money, and there’s no shortage of 99 cents stores, advertised sales, and cost-conscious consumers out in the brick-and-mortar world.

But as our Porsche example shows, there’s a limit to what customers are willing to go through for cost savings.  And with or without the cassowary, customers are not willing to suffer through a poor customer experience to save some cash.  When you implement eCommerce best practices for your B2B site, optimizing the actual experience of your customers supersedes your “Buy One; Get One 15%” sale.

Recent research supports this.  A report by Avanade shows that the value of the customer experience exceeds cost when customers are asked to rank their top factors in B2B purchase decisions.  Customers are willing to pay up to 30% more for a superior experience.

And those eCommerce customers are more than just talk.  They back up their words with actions.  More than half of those surveyed in the Avanade research said that they paid more for a product in the past six months because the customer experience was better than the competition, despite the competition being less expensive.

This reinforces a strict principle for B2B eCommerce best practices:  Customers want it easy.  They want it easy to find the right products, and they want it easy to purchase those products.

Online B2B customers want self-service portals, responsive design, and personalization.  They don’t want to make online purchases while chained to a large feathery monster.  So if your customer experience is akin to a large feathery monster, that’s why your prices don’t matter.

At Dynamicweb, we like to say that eCommerce vendors need “more than a shopping cart.”  (Click here to read our free whitepaper More Than a Shopping Cart.)  This means that customers want a complete, high-quality eCommerce customer experience.  And they’re willing to pay more to get it.

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Don’t Be a SERP Serf. Be a King or Queen with eCommerce SEO.

castle SERP serf SEO


If you need a primer on Feudalism, we don’t blame you.  You probably haven’t studied the social systems of medieval Europe since that one time you got lost on Wikipedia for the entire month of August.

Of course, we’re not talking about how you feud with your eCommerce competition… but the division of kings and peasants actually has a strong analogy in modern e-business.

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